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New Home Heating & Cooling Tech

Are you looking for a way to save on your energy bills but don't want to go the route of expensive overhauls of your existing system? So many are in the same boat as you. There are a myriad of wonderful products on the market like the Nest smart thermostat and other similar products. These products offer a great first step at saving homeowners on their heating and cooling expenses -- but what about those of us with multilevel homes or homes where one room gets to the right temperature long before others?

Cambridge, Mass.-based startup, Ecovent, was founded by Dipul Patel and developed at MIT. Although Ecovent is a new name in home heating and cooling, Patel told me that he has been toying around with this idea since 2008. Back then, he was working at Lockheed Martin and trying to save money for his upcoming wedding.

One ill-fated cost-saving strategy involved shutting off the air vents in select rooms throughout his house. It worked, but then his mom came to visit and ended up spending quite an uncomfortable night in one of Patel's unventilated rooms. This simple mistake prompted him to re-examine the entire concept of whole-home temperature control and eventually turned into Ecovent.

Rather than trying to remember to open and close your vents as needed, Ecovent's solution automatically adjusts them for you. And, instead of a pricey professional install, Ecovent says its wireless, DIY-friendly products can get the job done for roughly $200 a room.

Check this product out for yourself today! https://www.ecoventsystems.com