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Glossary of Terms beginning with G


Gable Roof

A steeply angled, triangular roof.

Galvanized Pipe

Iron pipe with a galvanized (zinc) coating.

Gambrel Roof

A ''barn-like'' roof, where the upper portion of the roof is less-steeply angled than the lower part.

General Lien

A broad-based claim against several properties owned by a defaulting party.


A classic, English-style hose characterized by simple rectangular shape and multiple stories.


Ground Fault Interrupter. A type of circuit breaker required in areas where water is present.

Ginnie Mae

A wholly owned corporation created in 1968 within the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to serve low-to moderate-income homebuyers.


A main supporting beam.

Government Mortgage

Any mortgage insured by a government agency, such as the FHA or VA.


The slope of land around a building. Also ground level.


Any person who is given ownership of a piece of property.


Any person who gives away ownership of a piece of property.

Gross Area

The sum total of all floor space including areas such as stairways and closet space, it is often measured based on external wall lengths.


Material used around ceramic tile.


The trough around the edge of the roof that catches and diverts rain.

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